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We are your back pocket business team who help professional business owners and entrepreneurs, like you, go from frazzled and struggling to grow (or just survive) to

purposeful, connected and empowered .

Not having a coach and trusted business team early in my career to walk me through the real reasons my business wasn’t growing and support me in scaling my business cost me over $1 million… and wasted my time and energy.

What is Vision Energy Action™ formula?

It is a proven method of unlocking your soul’s vision to accelerate and align your business growth and massively add to your bottom line. It’s a program specifically designed to connect you with your soul, and your money.

What are the steps in the Vision Energy Action™ formula?

  • Bold vision – Your soul has a unique vision, purpose and plan for your business, and it’s dramatically different from the way everybody else is doing it and how others tell you what you “should” be doing.

  • Vibrant energy – Like attracts like, the emotions you feel and the thoughts you think creates your inner energy and your inner energy creates and attracts the events, opportunities and people that are drawn into your life.

  • Aligned Action - Action taken with the right energy and in furtherance of your unique vision feels exciting and fulfilling. The manifestations of this type of action far exceed your wildest expectations.

With those fundamental building blocks in place, we guide you through creating:

  • CEO leadership – make the transition from worker bee to CEO level leadership.

  • Omnipresent Marketing – update your marketing so that you boldly hold your value, spread your message to your ideal client and magnetize your perfect client to you.

  • Sales – identify and dissolve the unconscious mental patterns that are blocking your income. Step out as the unique, charismatic, and magnetic version of yourself.

  • Operations – efficiently leverage time to work smarter, not harder.

  • Delivery – streamline your processes and systems to free up your time, provide better service to your customers and lower your operating costs.

Our Programs

Profit First

You love what you do, and you deserve to get paid to do it. If you are struggling or stagnant with sales and marketing, our 12 Week Sales Bootcamp was created for you. This bootcamp is designed to transform your sales process from forced frustration to effortless success. Unlike other sales training, we believe that the best sales process is hearted centered and authentic while giving you the results you crave.

Legacy Capsule

If you are finding yourself in the messy transition from solo-entrepreneur to hiring your own employees, our Legacy Capsule is the back pocket business team you need. Our Capsule packages clears your plate by giving you a brand kit, marketing materials, email series, support, and so much more. This is your one stop shop, with a high quality, highly vetted, punctual team you can trust.

Millionaire Mastermind

You’re already successful – a leader in your industry, yet somehow it doesn’t feel like how you imagined success should feel, then our Millionaire mastermind was designed for you. This exclusive year-long program dives deep in the ways high performing women unconsciously sabotage their success and money so they can start creating the aligned life they want, grounded in the highest vibration of sharing your gift with the world.