You’ve heard your share of miracle money stories for entrepreneurs.

How I made $30,000 in two days. You can too!


How I reached 1,000 instagram followers in one post. The secret sauce.

Listen, the truth is people are doing this every day, but it is not one miracle code or model that just anyone can make work for their business.

And, hear me out, they did NOT just wake up in the middle of the night and get decide to throw a random post on Instagram or wake up with $30,000 grand in the bank.

It took a system. A very strategic system that is unique to a business.

Want to find your own success online?

I believe you truly can, but it takes hard work and, as I mentioned… strategey (aka, strategic systems).

Tip #1 – Identify Your Audience

At a networking event the other night, I spoke on writing copy that both sells and helps you connect with your audience.

When speaking to entrepreneurs just starting their business, the most problematic area is identifying your audience.

The main hiccup is that you cannot serve everyone. In fact, it turns buyers off to find that this unique product or service is for just…anyone.

Look at it this way, if you went to a Chinese restaurant and they offered French food, what would your response be?

Heck yes, that’s just what I was in the mood for!


What they heck? That’s a little… un-appetizing.

In fact, you’d probably be less likely to even eat the Chinese food offered.

It’s the same with your business. If you try to offer too much or to everyone, you’ll push away your buyer.

What you offer is unique and one of a kind. It’s tailored just for ______ (insert customer name) and boss, it’s YOUR job to make them feel this way every time.

So, your mission is to select an audience and stick to it.

Are you a business with products for new moms? Are you starting a monthly subscription box for teenagers? Or, are you an online health offering stellar coaching packages for women entrepreneurs?

Awesome, now get more detailed. Choose a gender, an age group, a monthly/yearly income for your audience.

Hint : Facebook analytics to help you do this and Instagram.

Tip #2 – Give, Give, Give, Sell

One trap new businesses fall into is constantly trying to sell your product or service.

You know that instant annoyed and just perturbed feeling you get when a sales call pops up on your phone? Let’s not create that for our audience.

Here’s what you do: You give solid and helpful information or, possibly products (if it fits in your budget), over and over… and then you sell.

Here are some “give” ideas:

  • Email with a discount code
  • Blog post with pro-tips and information your audience can use
  • A downloadable PDF with relative content
  • An e-book

Have more ideas? Post below!

Then when you’ve followed the pattern of give give give, you pitch your service or product.


I’m selling a course on de-cluttering your house.

  1. So, I’ll write a killer blog post on a tested system that helps you declutter your house.
  2. I send an email out with a downloadable PDF on a 10-day challenge to get started
  3. I provide a social media video meet up with live tips and suggestions
  4. I SELL my course.

Tip #3 Professional Pricing

With all the love in the world, get out of your own way.

Do not overthink pricing. Just let the numbers do the talking.

Here’s my favorite story on this subject:

A local professional photographer with over 20 years experience teaches Photography 101 at the community center because he loves teaching others.

One of his students, fresh out of the 101 course and who had literally owned a camera less than six months, competed against the professional photographer for a wedding gig. Out of those two choices, a newbie and a 20 year pro, who would you choose?

Well, the newbie priced his photography a $1000 higher than the professional photographer with years of experience.

Because the bride and groom saw a higher number, they immediately thought… Better photographer.

The newbie got the job and the pro raised his prices.

If you offer a legitimate product or service that is needed, for your own sake offer professional prices. If you don’t believe in what you offer… there’s someone else who will gobble up that buyer.

Moral of the story, adjust your pricing to the needs of your business and let it be exactly what it is.

What’s your pricing roadblock? Let us know!

Tip # 4 Survey Your Audience

Once you have established an audience, whether it’s 5 people or 500, survey them.

Ask them how to improve.

Ask them what they need.

How can you help?

What is a real pain point in their life/business/etc? 

What keeps them up at night?

These are your people, boss! Check in and see how they are doing and what they truly need.

Ever spent hours of your time putting together content that no one read or used? Yeah, don’t waste your time anymore.

If your audience members say, sure I’d love to get more done but I have no time!

You will provide time savers and tips on how to fit more in your planner.

The best ways to survey your audience are: ask questions on social media, create an online survey (Google is free), send an email out with questions and provide an incentive for responses (like 20-minute consultation or a gift card to Starbucks).

Tip # 5 Call to Action

One of the easiest ways to engage your audience and encourage buyers to purchase is as simple as a…


Never, ever, just post on social media without guiding your audience.

Buy Now

Give me that freebie!

I want in!

Shop now

Comment below

Swipe up

Enter the Giveaway

Get creative here and have a little fun with it. Test out some calls to action and see what works best for you BUT you will be amazed by the responses by simply guiding your audience with a Call to Action.

Bonus Tip: EMAILS

Biz friend, I cannot over exaggerate this tip.

Start an email list. Start it now.

It is one of the best ways to connect with your audience and create sales.

Marketing expert, Jeffrey Lant, said that to enter your buyers subconscious you have to contact them 7 times within 18 months.

What makes this feasible is the networking possible through social media and email.

Also, Nathalie Lussier (copywriting professional) says that building an email list is crucial. It’s the best way to build a relationship with customers in an intimate way. She wrote, “People consume email differently than they do other media, and it still converts to sales better than other mediums at this point’… ‘I see spikes in sales every time I send an email.’”


Trust me, boss, emails are the key to making money with your business online and you will kick yourself the longer you wait!